John is an artist with a passion for the human figure, life, and the world around him.

John started developing his artistic abilities in original stained glass design and construction, following in his grandfathers steps, a significant architectural stained glass artist from the Elmira NY area. Deeply personal life experiences caused John to recognize the fleeting beauty of life and memories. Encouraged by his partner, he began to further develop his natural talents, his love of art and his ability to capture images on paper by formally undertaking the study of fine art at Binghamton University.

The university environment provided discipline, structure and opportunity for personal development. John studied under artist, printmaker, and painter Linda Sokolowski, the late artist and sculptor Charles Eldred, and artists and painters Don DeMauro and David Shapiro.

John's realistic renderings of the human figure are based almost exclusively on models and he is always on the lookout for that special or unique individual to become the subject of one of his works of art. Interested individuals will find details and his E-Mail address at the bottom of this page.

John loves to travel, with his favorite destinations the beach areas of Provincetown MA, New Hampshire, and the Atlantic coast of Florida. The mountains and desert areas of Colorado and Arizona, especially the Sedona area, are also favorite destinations.

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31" X 21 1/2" Stained Glass Window


"For me, life is a series of visual observations. I feel that the quality and integrity of those observations are my responsibility. I choose to draw, to observe and record light as it moves through the spaces of my existence. The communication is reciprocal. What begins as a touch of graphite on paper, or paint on canvas, becomes sensual exchange."

John M. Clum 1997

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